Planning a Modern Wedding

It used to be that the groom simply asked for a woman’s hand in marriage, and his next task was to show up on the day in the proper attire. His contribution to the wedding was mostly handled by his family proffering a list of their guests, and his family would traditionally host the rehearsal dinner. Times have changed, and planning a modern wedding is very different. Rather than sitting back and letting the bride and her family make all the decisions, the groom and his family are now far more involved. It can make the entire process much easier as long as the bride and groom agree upon what they want for their special day.

Large or Small Wedding

The rumour is that every girl dreams about her wedding day, but it is not necessarily true. Modern men have their own dreams of what they want when they make a lifetime commitment to the one they love. Some of them may have spent years thinking about everything they want to put into their special day, and it can become a negotiation with their bride when their dreams differ. The first thing the pair must decide upon is whether to have a large or small wedding. That alone can affect every other decision they will make as their plans take shape.

Choosing the Venue

Once the pair have decided what size wedding they will have, they must decide where it will take place. Many modern couples prefer to have the wedding ceremony at a special place such as their local church, and then they want the reception elsewhere. Choosing the venue for each of these activities can be easy if they are willing to compromise. The bride might have dreamed of getting married in the church where she grew up, and the groom could wish to have the reception at a large hall just a bit down the road. Being able to agree on a venue means they can move forward with their plans.

Inviting the Guests

Many have been the times when brides and grooms have faced enormous hurdles when planning their wedding. They might both prefer to have a small and intimate ceremony, but their families feel otherwise. This is where the two have an opportunity to bond together as they face down their families to have the wedding they really want. Inviting the guests can touch off an uphill battle, but the pair can mitigate the circumstances if they are willing to accommodate their families while holding a determined line against going too far.

It is never easy to plan all the details of a special event, and a wedding is one that can make even the largest social event look easy. Negotiating with each other is part of what modern couples face, but they still have the traditional family values they must satisfy. Getting through the wedding plans may seem impossible, but the memories made on their special day are those that should lead them down the aisle to a lifetime of happiness.