Home from the Honeymoon

Many couples take at least a long weekend if not a week for a honeymoon. They often see it as a good way to build the first memories of their new life together, and it is often one of the more special times in their lives. Everything may go as planned as they enjoy the resort or vacation area they have selected. For those who find it less than thrilled, at least being together without the worry of work or home issues can still be a magical time. All of that is well and good, but then it is time to go home from the honeymoon. Couples will now have to face the rest of their lives together, and it might not be as easy as they imagined.

Back to Work

When their vacation time is over, most couples settle back into the routine they had before they married. They go back to work, and it may seem a bit different. The first few days might be filled with people offering them congratulations on their new life, and that alone can be startling. Others could find their work piled up while they were away, and working overtime might suddenly be an issue. They might want to start off their new life with a good balance of work and home, but it may not always be possible.

New Living Arrangements

Modern couples often choose to live together prior to getting married, but not all of them make that choice. Some couples are suddenly faced with living together for the first time. There are adjustments they will need to make for each of them to be comfortable, and this is where the negotiation of marriage begins. Sharing what seemed to be a roomy space when they leased it as singles might suddenly feel a lot smaller once they get all their furniture and belongings in. Choosing what to keep and what to toss could become a marathon of negotiation between them before they finally create pathways in their new home.

Navigating to the Future

Getting married is a major commitment, and it has traditionally been about settling down and raising a family. This includes navigating to the future, and modern life is not that much different when it comes to consideration of that future. Dreams are where couples often begin planning, but reality can be much more overwhelming once they have gotten home from their honeymoon. Suddenly the world is a place where mortgages and retirement accounts may be more important than choosing matching furniture sets.

Making the commitment to spend a lifetime with another person is often one of the happiest times couples share, and the honeymoon is generally an experience they will cherish over the decades to come. For those who must return to the humdrum world they left behind on their wedding day, life may not be as smooth as they could wish. Returning to the same old job, negotiating their new life together and even future planning can all become major blocks to their happiness. Learning to live together is their next important step, but at least it is one they can truly share.